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Dr. Helen Dittman Beirne Scholarship

Dr. Helen Beirne Scholarship—Congratulations, 2019 Winner Rebecca Coffin!

Congratulations to our student scholarship winner, Rebecca Coffin. Rebecca was selected by the AKSHA Board to receive this $1000 scholarship to support her in her speech-language pathology graduate studies. Rebecca wrote the following thank you following earning this award:

“My goal after graduation is to find the place where I can do the most good and learn as much as possible. Whether that is in the school district, a private clinic, hospital, or other setting is yet to be seen. Further down the road, I’d love the opportunity to travel in order to provide speech and language services to rural populations in Alaska. I also see myself one day becoming a supervisor so that I can help teach and train students like me be the best speech-language pathologists they can be. By training more SLPs, I believe I would be contributing all the more to my ultimate goal of improving as many lives as possible. Not only would this help improve the lives of the students I train, but also the lives of the clients those students go on to help. I strongly believe that a single person can have a significant impact on the lives of those around them. As ripples move ever outward, I strive to create positive change in the lives of others so they may go on to improve the lives of those around them and I plan to use my degree to do just that.”             --Rebecca Coffin

Scholarship Background:

Dr. Helen Beirne was instrumental in starting the Alaska Speech and Hearing Association. She is remembered by a great number of individuals as a role model and mentor in the area of speech and language, and in humanitarian work. In memory of Dr. Beirne, the Alaska Speech and Hearing Association presents a scholarship award each year, to a suitably qualified candidate demonstrating a commitment to undertaking studies leading to a graduate degree in communication development and disorders. At this time, in Alaska, it is especially crucial to applaud this pursuit, given a shortage of qualified personnel to assist people experiencing communication problems. Applicants should show pursuit of studies in communication, in the area of speech/language or hearing at an accredited institution in the undergraduate or graduate department. The scholarship is valued at $1000.

The award will be determined by the AKSHA executive board based on information in the scholarship application, teacher recommendations, and/or grades. The committee may give preference to Alaska Native students and applicants working with Alaska Native populations.  Additionally, applicants for this scholarship must be ALASKA RESIDENTS.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the AKSHA Scholarship subcommittee, P.O. Box 111993, Anchorage, AK 99511 or by emailing questions attention 'Scholarship committee' at

If you are a student studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist or Audiologist please download and complete a scholarship application by October 15, 2020. Electronic submission is encouraged. Scholarships are awarded at the annual AKSHA convention in October.

Beirne Scholarship Application.pdf

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