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AKSHA & ASHA Awards Information

                   AKSHA Awards

AKSHA Sourdough Outstanding Contributions in Speech Language Pathology and/or Audiology

  • This award recognizes an Audiologist and/or SLP who demonstrates long-term dedication to issues in the state, advocacy, leadership, or outstanding clinical practice.
  • Previous winners include: Patty Olmstead, Anne Ver Hoef, Judy Gonsalves, and Kathie Morgan.

AKSHA 49’er Excellence in Clinical Practice

  • This award recognizes an Audiologist and/or SLP who demonstrates innovative ideas in speech language pathology or audiology; may include service delivery, programs, or services.
  • Previous winners include: Cathy Decker, Cara Leckwold, Nancy Lovering, and Jason Steadman

Red Lantern  Outstanding Contributions in Rural Alaska by an Audiologist and/or SLP

  • This award recognizes the unique challenges many AKSHA members work under to provide services to those in our rural areas.
  • Previous winners include: Tina Clumpner, Karen Stafford, Cynthia Detrow, and Darlene Batchelder.

Denali  Recent Clinical Achievement by an Audiologist and/or SLP

  • This award is for advancement of knowledge in clinical practice as evidenced by significant recent accomplishment within the past 6 years in speech-language pathology and/or audiology.
  • 2015 Ellen Brigham; 2016 Mary Dooher

Friend of the Association

  • A non-SLP/Aud who helps advocate for speech, language and hearing issues
  • Previous winners include: Vonne Mason, Clayton Holland, Jennifer Schroeder, and Renee Estelle

President’s Award  Given by the association president for service to the association

  • This award recognizes an executive board member, committee chair, or member of the association who provided exemplary service to the association.
  • Previous winners include: Mae Ann Smith and Rebecca Hansen, Monica Glen, Amy Hogue, Sarah McWilliams, Rhonda Neill, and Katy Rice.

Lifetime Member Award: "Lifetime achievement"

  • This award recognizes an outstanding history of clinical practice in the field of speech language pathology and/or audiology within Alaska and AKSHA. Nominees must have practiced at least 20 years as an Audiologist and/or SLP and been an AKSHA member for 10 or more years.
  • Previous award winners include: Elaine Berrie, Marion Bowles, Susan Bunting, David Canterbury, Carolyn Coe, Monica Ferguson, Celia Foley, Suzanne Guinn, Hilary Hardwick, Sandra Jamison, Nancy Lovering, Patty Olmstead, Kit Roberts, Rosemary Roulo, Helen Strines, Molly Thompson, Anne Ver Hoef, Laura Young-Campbell

Procedure for nomination of AKSHA awards

Any member of AKSHA may submit a nomination for AKSHA awards. All nominees for AKSHA awards must be members of AKSHA. Nominations should not be made known to the nominee prior to election

With the exception of the Friend of the Association, President’s Award and Lifetime Member Award, the nominee must have participated in the profession for no less than 5 years and have made an outstanding contribution as defined by the award for which they are nominated.

All submissions will be reviewed and determined by a majority vote of the executive board. The nominations for AKSHA recognition may also be submitted next year for ASHA awards.

Download and submit completed award nomination forms today! Send directly to AKSHA Awards subcommittee, P.O. Box 111993, Anchorage, AK 99511 or email to by May 30th. Electronic submission is encouraged. 

Link: AKSHA Award Nomination Form.pdf

See SCHOLARSHIP tab at top left of page for Dr. Helen Dittman Beirne Scholarship information. 

                              ASHA Awards

Honors of the Association
  • The Honors of the Association recognizes distinguished contributions to the field of speech, language and hearing, and is the highest honor the Association can give.

ASHA Fellows
  • The ASHA Fellows recognizes professional or scientific achievement and is given to members who have made outstanding contributions to the professions. The award is one of the highest honors that ASHA can bestow and is retained for life.
  • Previously awarded Alaskan ASHA Fellows include: Suzanne Guinn, Patty Olmstead, Molly Thompson and Laura Young-Campbell

Frank R. Kleffner Clinical Career Award
  • This award is presented in recognition of exemplary contributions to clinical science and practice in communication science and disorders over a period of no less than twenty-years. The award is an object of art with a recognition plaque. Nominations are due to ASHA by April. Contact ASHA for selection criteria and nominations procedures.

Rolland Van Hattum Award for Contributions in the Schools
  • This award is presented in recognition of exemplary commitment and contribution to service delivery in the school setting. The award is a plaque and $1000 to the recipient and $500 to the school system. Nominations are due to ASHA by May. Contact ASHA for selection criteria and nomination procedures.

Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement
  • Only a state association can nominate an individual to represent that state. This award is for advancement of knowledge in clinical practice as evidenced by significant recent accomplishment within the past six years in speech-language pathology and/or audiology. This award is a plaque and $1500 to further their work. Nominations are due in April to ASHA.

ACE Awards
  • The ACE is a formal recognition of professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to lifelong learning by earning 7.0 CEUs (70 contact hours) within a 36-month period. For those individuals who have received more than one ACE, the number of awards is indicated in parentheses. 
  • January - June, 2017: Marisha Bourgeois; Samantha Kleindienst; Erin Hohman; Cara Leckwold; Katie Millican; Teresa Nicolia; Ann Russell-Waldron; Molly Rutledge; Valerie Schmitz; Erin Sheffer; Kathryn St Clair; Molly Thompson; Andrea Toth; Anne Ver Hoef; Daniel Williams
  • January - December, 2016: Cristine Aki; Adrienne Antoni; Linda Bane; Jennifer Barge; Charlotte Cannon; Cecilia Chandler; Mary Denny; Mary Dooher; Somerset Dunn; Chelsea File; Heather Marie Fortier Morrison; Rebecca Gallagher; Alee Glass; Monica Glen (2); Christina Harris; Robert Hernandez; Cody Herrick; Sandra Jamison; Heather Jasser; Carol Johnson; Regina Jones; Jennifer Laack; Tanya Lake; Nancy Lovering; Karen Martin; Devra Milligan; Angeli Mohanani; Kathryn Paulson; Rosemarie Rotunno; Valerie Schmitz; Kathryn St Clair; Kimberly Stahlnecker; Halley Sullivan; June Takagi; Maggie Voinot-Baron; Colleen Wallace
  • January - December, 2015:  

    Darlene Batchelder; Cherry Byrd; Cheryl Campbell; Monica Glen; Hilary Hardwick; Judith Hayden; Shannon Hunt; Molly Thompson (2); Teresa Moore;  Teresa Nicolia; Deanna Yoder; Pamela Christianson; Leanne Cleveland; Cynthia Detrow; Maya Dunham; Amy-Marette Russell; Molly Rutledge; Karen Stafford; Cara Leckwold; Nancy Lovering; Leah Maenius; Laura Young-Campbell (2); Susan Mermelstein

  • January - December, 2014: Tina Klumpner; Tina Hayes; Teresa Marshall; Devra Milligan; Sheryl Mohwinkel-Fleming; Patricia Morgan; Megan Onishi; Marla Sandomenico; Kim Ward-Massey; Sandra Beattie; Emma Boswell; Molly Rutledge; Monica Glen; Kay Humphries; Karen Stafford; Elaine Andrews; Cecilia Chandler; Pam Christianson; Shani Dean; Marilyn Denton; Angela Moran; Lindsey Kennedy; Andrea Toth; Anne Ver Hoef
  • January - December, 2013: Julie Alzheimer; Darlene Batchelder; Teresa Moore; Vidya Oftedal; Maureen O’Keefe; Nichole Chilson; Leanne Cleveland; Nancy Lovering; Karen Martin; Leslie Rost; Rosemarie Rotunno; Valerie Schmitz; Maya Gamez; Monica Glen; Rebecca Hanson; Luise Heite; Sun Wing Ho; Jaina Hulbert-Billings; Jeffrey von Rekowski; Daniel Williams; Martha Young; Laura Young-Campbell; Laura Kautzman; Tanya Lake
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